[Feature Request] JSON feed

@DavidS and @seanhoots: I believe the following would fulfill Sean’s request:

If workflow endpoints could be configured to accept the GET method, Sean’s workflow could just spit out whatever JSON he wants, right?

(See other benefits of enabling GET methods for workflow endpoints here: We Really Need a GET Method for Workflow APIs)

@seanhoots, you can work around the fact that endpoints on the workflow side of you app’s APIs only accept POSTs by using Amazon API Gateway. You can basically config AAPIG to take a GET and issue a POST to your API. I put a screenshot of this in that same thread I link to above. It looks like this:

(While this is a workaround, it’s a silly one. There’s no reason for workflow endpoints with names that do not conflict with the data API namespace to not allow GET requests as an option.)