Feature Request: Placeholder colour and free site tag

  1. Input placeholders only have the browser colours eg. ‘grey’ which makes it difficult to match to other placeholders that allow hex colours. Implementing hex for input placeholders would be useful.

  2. The free site tags of platforms like webflow and mailchimp have nice subtle tags bottom right or centre bottom however Bubble’s is this giant bright blue banner in the footer. I noted Emmanual saying that people have built free sites and actually made money from them as that target audience didn’t care about the lack of domain name or Bubble banner so I wanted to put this to the test however, I really can’t see how this can be achieved with that huge banner in the footer. I get that Bubble are actually trying to discourage people being on the free platform but in my opinion a more subtle free tag would only make Bubble look more professional and could be a way for agencies to still get the smaller client on board who have potential for growth.


Emannuel just pointed out a few days ago they were going to see how to redesign the blue bar.

So, it’s going to change.

For your first point you could use css to target the element.

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Yeah, I don’t like that input placeholders only have predefined colors while all the other elements have hex colors. Seems like a small fix and would bring to bubble users.

Free site tag is horrendous, the blue fixed footer element that is way too distracting for users.

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+1 to Placeholders

Tbh I find it so annoying when people say "just use CSS’ for default Bubble elements. I use a fair bit of JavaScript in my apps so I’m used to adding code, but I expect default elements to at least be usable without adding code.

Especially when I was teaching Bubble to non-tech founders and I’d have to say ‘no code - except in these couple of instances’. CSS is easy but why should I have to apply it to something that should be this way out of the box? Especially now that the new app prices are higher?

It’s like the default browser checkbox - to non-tech founders it looks like it is a ‘mistake’ that users have to ‘correct themselves’. IMO the checkbox should be useful right out of the menu, no one uses it at its tiny default browser size.


Agree that the input element styling options needs to be improved. Makes no sense that placeholder color are not in hex.

Currently looking for a way to set the caret color for 30+ input elements. If the bubble team are reading this, please add caret-color as an option for input styles.