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Feature Request: Remove the need for /index in the URL for single page apps

When making a single page app which has user accounts, it would look so much neater if you could reach a user account by simply typing, unlike at present where you have to type

please could you implement this feature? I know people may say “how would the app tell the difference between a page and a slug”? well the exact same way it tells the difference between two separate pages - just make it so pages and slugs cannot have the same identifier

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I think you can already do this with this great plugin:

from @gaimed

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There are two possibilities.

You can use 404 to redirect. So someone would go to domain.dom/username and then you redirect them to (page would be u or something like that).

Second option is using like @daviddr17 mentioned (thanks!) where you can setup routes and if someone goes to it loads while the user sees the url

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if using can you still get dynamic previews?

at present i am using the 404 redirect method with URL Router for Navigation plugin, however this does not allow dynamic previews (i.e. when you do it will only show the default link preview instead of one that is unique to the user’s account)

yeah, it would work like you setup index/username

I’ve tried this by setting up to redirect to but it is just giving me a 404 then redirecting to - is there something I have missed?

Hi there, Can you please use the chat on or [email protected]. And send me the email you registered with? You need to setup routes and not redirects

this does not work even though the guy who owns it claims it does. also the “free trial” for seven days is not completely free, it steals money from your account without warning if you use it a certain amount. really unprofessional platform