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Feature Request / Suggestion: Allow popup to be closed only if condition is met

I have a popup where I want the user to enter some information in an auto-binding input / complete an action before they can close the popup. Once the action is completed, they should be able to close the popup.

I can restrict the user’s ability to close a popup at the element level. However, I cannot change this at a conditional level.

Have any other Bubblers encountered this use case? (I realize I could put a button on the popup to “Hide” the popup, but from a UX standpoint I’d prefer not).

From the Bubble documentation:

This popup can’t be closed by pressing 'Esc’
By default, popups can be closed by the user when pressing Esc. To disable this behavior and make the popup modal, check this box. In this case, the only way to close the popup is with a Hide Popup action in a workflow.

I have done this. One of my apps forces the pop up at login, they can’t get away with it even reload of browser because it watches a yes/no Boolean on the account. Once yes it goes away.

Using a Boolean condition is what I’m going for. Though in my case the Boolean value may change based on actions taken within the popup. In this case, I need to have the popup condition change during the current pageview.