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Feature request: Variable heights/width for Repeating Group items (and other elements?)

Hey @FJP ,

< modulo > returns the remainder portion of division. So if a modulo operation is zero, that means the first number (current cell index - 1 ) is a multiple of the second number ( 4 ). Or in the example you use, if modulo does NOT return zero, then it is NOT divisible by 4.

It is a way to perform operations on periodic rows.

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It doesn’t solve all the ‘requests’ in this thread, but @levon just released a Pinterest Style Grid plugin. Haven’t tried it yet – but it looks nice a nice plugin!


*Following the directions of @jrowley343’s above tutorial *

Sort the “HiddenRepeatingGroup” by Creation Date > Descending = “yes”

How did you achieve what you intended here?

Magnificent work, congratulations! Maybe I am quite late in this, as it was in 2018. Come on, I have a problem with the positioning of the images. I’ll put the link.
In fact, there is a strange spacing between the images. What could be wrong?
Thank you very much in advance.