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FeatureSeed needs beta testers

Hi, Bubblers!

I’m happy to announce the beta release of my first app built on Bubble – FeatureSeed. FeatureSeed allows you to request features for the applications you use and crowdfund their development.

The idea spawned from all of the features that we’ve tried to request for Bubble, some successful and some not. Hopefully we’ll be able to improve the success of them through crowdfunding.

The process goes as follows:

  1. Request feature
  2. Creator approves or rejects the feature
  3. If approved, the Creator sets a price and expected days needed to build the feature once it’s funded
  4. Seeders (you and others) seed the feature until it’s funded
  5. Creator builds the feature
  6. 10% of Seeders approve and then all seeders are charged the amount they committed to seeding, plus a 10% platform fee (this fee includes all payment processing fees)
  7. Creator gets paid and everyone is happy! :slight_smile:

At this time Bubble is the only Creator for the beta phase. I’ve created two requests that have been previously asked for on the forum: oAuth support and the ability to create queries as views. Feel free to add others.

I look forward to your feedback and support. Happy seeding!



Wow!! Love this idea!!! I just signed up! :slight_smile: Awesome work, Keith!!

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Nice idea, nice app.

A few things I’ve noticed:

  1. The sign up button in the menu did not work on my Chrome
  2. In the dashboard. Entering your first name and then pressing tab takes you to the location input and not to surname
  3. Users might not know that the elements are auto binding. I would use a button that says “Save” even though it doesn’t but let it then direct the user to “request a feature” or somewhere else. It will give the user the sense that his data is saved.

The info for the “?” in request a feature shows behind the dropdown.


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Thanks Ray! I’ll work on fixing those bugs tonight.

Great idea… i think you could also manually add features from the feature request page on, although i don’t remember the url, @emmanuel, can you prompt please?

No it’s gone, since we’ve been using the forum for this.

Hey @Kfawcett where can i add the financial contribution?

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For the requests that have been submitted, you have to wait until they are approved by the Creator (Bubble). So we’re waiting on @emmanuel to set a price and approve them. Once that happens you’ll see a section on the right sidebar to seed (i.e. fund) it.

Interesting concept. So this app could be used by any User group who would like to crowdfund their own New Features? Is that true? Or is it specifically made for Bubble?

Love the concept. Well thought out :thumbsup:


@vega.andrew Yes, it will eventually be opened up for other applications, but for the initial beta release it’s only for submitting Bubble feature requests.

In the future any Creator (company) will be able to register and allow their users to submit feature requests. Seeders (users) will be able to submit the details for the apps/creators they use and FeatureSeed will contact those Creators to ask them to join or the Creators will find FeatureSeed organically and join.

Hi all, Bubble has approved two feature requests on FeatureSeed. One related to this idea for hashtags and usertags ( Ability to use tags (hashtags or usertags)? and another related to improvements to the Charts plugin ( Charts not working )

FeatureSeed - Add ability to use tags (hashtags or usertags)

FeatureSeed - Create queries as views like in SQL

@Kfawcett i noticed a bug when entering the amount. To recreate try adding an amount then deleting it and re-entering another.

For some reason the total is calculated wrong. But if you refresh it works fine

Thanks Ali, I’ll look into that.

@AliFarahat is this the total you’re talking about – at the bottom? I wasn’t able to replicate. What browser were you using?

Yes! Was using chrome on android,It kept taking the old value and multiplying it with the new value when i was trying to update the seed

OK I’m seeing that too on Android. I’ll submit a bug report.

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Hey @Kfawcett, I really like the platform and plan on contributing to a few ideas (should there be enough interest by other Bubblers). I especially like the notifications dropdown - would you be willing to share any details on how you built that? Well done.

Thanks @supernaturally, there’s a data type to store notifications, otherwise there’s a repeating group and workflow used to show the notifications. Not too much to it.

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