Feedback greatly appreciated -

Fellow Bubblers,


I have just made live. I am NOT a Developer, and most certainly NOT a Designer, but if my experience on Bubble has taught me anything, it’s that I am never going to be totally happy with anything I create, so I thought I would just get this out there and ask for some feedback - good or bad - that I can take on board and make some improvements (I am fully expecting most who visit the site will be able to suggest multiple areas for improvement in terms of content, layout, UX and functionality). I am also sure that some things are not going to work as they should, as we all know how hard it is to both build and test on your own - so please point out anything that needs fixing… Anything at all.

Please take a look if you have some time, and especially if you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer.

Much appreciation in advance.



Well, clicking on login without an account setup goes brings me this.

Hi Asher - thanks - schoolboy error - I had not updated Facebook with the new domain (was still using the one). Have done now. Can you please let me know if it is working now?

One idea for you - Create a simple 2-5 minute list of actions you want people to try on your site and then use to have, say, 5 people go through those actions. We’ve found this to be a really low cost way to user test our site. And there’s no substitute for seeing people interact with it.

It costs $1 per minute of someone’s time. So, if you want 5 people to spend, say, 5 minutes to: 1) look at your homepage say what they think the site does, 2) sign up for an account, and then 3) use your site …it’ll cost you $25.

You’ll then get recordings of them using your site, saying outloud what they’re thinking when interacting with your site, etc.


Fun idea. One thing that might drive interest is to see some example chapters on the landing page. I tried a couple genres but they came up empty. I guess there isnt much content yet, but seeing some real life examples might help me get excited.

Another thing that might be interesting to further explore (if you havent done so already) is to make the social component more prominent. Show more of the authors on the platform, maybe even focus at the core on the authors first, the stories second. Make the authors feel important (maybe through some gamification elements, rankings etc) then get more out of them? Maybe match up authors to encourage writing a chapter?

I don’t know, just throwing out some random thoughts.

I like the concept, I guess I’d just like to see more of the authors!


actually, now that I think of it, something like this could be a great tool for aspiring writers to teach and learn how to build story lines. Not just books, but tv and film as well.

You could build in challenges, small contests, pair users up to work with a certain concept, create tutorials on how to build up a story etc.

so many fun directions to go into :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Vincent - I really appreciate the thoughts.

Re the content - that’s right - basically nothing on there at the moment, but I want the content to be genuine from the start, so I’ll have to wait. I may try and start a few stories myself initially (oh dear!).

I have had a number of similar ideas about making it more social. Currently there are likes and comments (on completed stories), as well as sharing to FB and Twitter of course. However, I will be adding an Author BIO section, then the ability to connect and message.

Also, I am planning on letting people like individual paragraphs as well as stories, and then having some recognition for the most popular authors.

Re the script angle - yes - I had thought about that too - Personally I am more of a movie fan anyway, and I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay. I will look to incorporate that in the future - but at the moment, with a full-time job, a toddler, and twins arriving in a couple of weeks - I suppose I just wanted to get this out now and make incremental improvements when I can (as my time is going to be very short soon!)

Really appreciate your comments.

TWINS! Congrats!

Thanks Andrew.

Yeah I feel you! I need double the hours in a day to do everything I want to do!

congrats on the twins, enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks Vincent

Hi Asher. Thanks for that. I’m not sure why that’s happening. I have the redirect URL set up and validated. Are you logging in from the homepage (as I believe that is the only page you can log in from)?

Would you be able to refresh, try again and let me know if it is still happening?

And if so, would you (or anyone else) have any suggestions as to why? Some people have seemed to sign in with no issues.

I find the site very interesting, in a good way, my only idea would be make it unique, because you want to draw the attention of people, so ask yourself this, “What can I do, that other story writing sites haven’t done,” something that probably would end up in a couple of hours of reading up on other “story” websites. Just an idea.

Thanks Gregory. Yes. I am constantly thinking of improvements and USPs. Will come in time I suppose. People are starting to use it (gradually) and I will be adding a feedback section and possibly a forum, so hopefully I will get some ideas from that.

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Congratulations on this great project and I commend you for getting something live for feedback. It’s a much better way to work and improve your product.

A few points:

  • Go with a tagline or slogan at the top rather highlighting “Ways to win.” That makes it seem like a contest all about money. I’d expect to land on this from an ad about “How to make quick money.” That isn’t the problem you are solving, the problem is writing a book is hard and this is a way to get motivated and feedback. Answer in one very short sentence: What is Chapterfree?

  • For the same reasons as above, don’t use a big Mastercard logo as your background image. Again, that isn’t the community you are creating or the problem you are solving.

  • There are a lot of background images with text, over the top of other background images. Give key text a solid color to stand out instead of images.

That was my quick reaction from the homepage. I hope it helps.

A few questions we use when working with people on copy are:

  1. What is the problem you are solving?
  2. Why does your product solve the problem?
  3. What makes your product different/better than others?
  4. How will the user’s life be different after using your product?

Thanks @jasonwojo for the feedback.

The site is to promote and enable people to read and write. The “Ways To Win” promotion is temporary, to try to drive more traffic, users and content. I will have to think about how I position that bearing in mind your feedback. Any ideas?

In terms of the images and text - yes, I’ll put some more thought into that as well. I am trying to find the right balance.

I very much appreciate your feedback - most useful.