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Feedback on Improving New Mobile App


I am building an app that lets parents record the position that they have placed their newborn baby in so that they can keep distribute the positions evenly and avoid a “flat head syndrome” (technically called Plagiocephaly). You can see the app at I had originally built the app in Glide ( but decided to switch to Bubble in order to have more flexibility for showing statistics and the next position. I have a few questions that I’m hoping the community might help me with:

  1. How can I improve the UI so that it looks like a mobile app? Open to any feedback at all.

  2. I tried adding the app to my home screen on an iPhone but the URL bar and the browser footer remain when I open it. I’m guessing I have to include some manifest or some other code in order to tell the web site to behave like a PWA. Is there any documentation on how to do this with Bubble?

  3. Are there some documented best practices for how to build PWA’s with Bubble?

  4. Is there a Bubble template that is considered the gold standard for building a mobile app? I didn’t find one and used another post that I found in order to create what I have.


Hello @flatheadbusterapp

There’s a lot of info :arrow_right: here. Home Screen bug known but no remedy, that’s the reason I’m using Jasonelle (and also some functions aren’t working under PWA).

My web and apps are the same. Build everything like an app (responsive mode like iPhone6 size). Then, you can adjust for a web page.

Welcome to Bubble :partying_face: