[Feedback requested] Building a SaaS Boilerplate for Bubble

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I’m currently creating a boilerplate that handles the basic features of a SaaS Project. Currently I’ve included the following below.

  • Login / Signup Workflow
  • Profile Information Page
  • Welcome Wizard for new Signups
  • Stripe Integration and Landing Pages to upgrade the customers
  • Website Landing Page

Am I forgetting anything that might be helpful for starters building a SaaS Project?

Some screenshots below.

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Some potential ideas:

  • Settings (e.g., change email, change password, etc.)
  • Admin dashboard to monitor list of users
  • Maybe a pricing page
  • Email unsubscribe settings (would be nice to have multiple email lists and ability to unsubscribe from each)
  • maybe an about us, faq, press, etc.
  • links to privacy policy & terms of service
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Certainly, many of these are edge cases and may not be particularly core to your boilerplate. Figured I’d mention them so you can evaluate though.

Hi @sridharan.s

Yes, I hear your advice. What do you mean with email subscribe/unsubscribe? I will add the below points for the first version.

  • Settings (e.g., change email, change password, etc.)
  • Admin dashboard to monitor list of users
  • about us, faq, press, etc.
  • links to privacy policy & terms of service
  • Cookie Alert for Europe

We’ve found it’s helpful to enable our members to be able to choose which types of emails they’d like to be subscribed to. This is fairly common for social apps and, I assume, SaaS as well.

As such, we have a global email settings page that people can manage.


You could potentially add few more things - like a Features, Solutions, etc. Again, might not necessarily be core, but I see these fairly common for different SaaS apps.

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If it is a multi-tennant saas then you would need a super admin access to manage individual accounts and view basics such as:

Account permission
Account upgrade
Account payment status
Account stats e.g. logins

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It will be multi tennant, I will definitely check your above points and apply them accordingly.

An invoicing system or support for collecting monthly recurring fees

It will be the base for any SaaS Project.

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Just added a new section for the blog and archives post. Would love to get feedback on that part. You can find the link below. Let me know what you guys think!


Hi Everyone,

I just added a few features on the template that might be worthwhile to mention.

  • Administrator back-end to manage the Users, Blog Posts and General Settings
  • Added a blog page to display most recently added posts. Older posts are Archived

Would like to know if there are some more people who wanted to test drive the template and give feedback and maybe let me know what features would be helpful to add in the boilerplate.

The template is around 70% finished. Need to add some basic functionality and get the documentation online.

I also added a pricing page.

How is the template progressing?

Hi Steven,

Thanks for asking. I’m actually spending about 3-4 hours per week on it as I have a lot of freelance work going. I’m finalizing the template, just need to add a section to manage subscriptions for Stripe.

How do you like the progress so far?

From what I can see looks good. Is there a way of getting in a demo admin area or this not setup yet?

Yes, I think it’s almost ready. The core functionality is done. I’m keeping it clean and I’m trying not to add too many features so other people can build on it.

I still need to add documentation and block elements to build pages.