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Feeling pretty lost... is this impossible to do in Bubble?

I’m feeling like I’m going around in circles. I don’t even know if what I am trying to do is possible to do in Bubble, but that isn’t logical because I see the amazing things everyone else is creating with the platform. So what am I missing? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Here’s more or less what I am trying to create in Bubble:

It’s a to-do list/task manager app. I’m not sure if this will be the final design because I’ve been having a hard time with it. This is my first time building an app and my first time no-coding. I thought a to-do list app would be a good one for a first timer… but it’s proving to be the opposite for me.

I’ve tried setting up repeating groups, but I don’t know how to implement a “calendar” type view like I have in my sketch. That’s just one of my many questions. :joy:

Again, I’m pretty flexible with my design right now, as I’m really just trying to learn how to use Bubble and get things to work and have an MVP.

Even if you can’t directly help, I’d appreciate any words of encouragement or assurance that what I am trying to do isn’t impossible. :sweat_smile:

Hey @redromina

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

What you’re trying to do is definitely possible, and feeling like you’re going around in circles is kind of par for the course when you’re just getting started – so don’t beat yourself up, haha.

The trickiest part about this app will be dealing with dates. I’d recommend starting with a simple to do list that doesn’t have anything to do with dates (let’s say adding items to the “Work” or “Personal” category and then moving them to the “done” category to master repeating groups/get a handle on data structures. (I also think Bubble has an interactive lesson that involves creating a to-do list app that would be great to check out.)

Working with dates is tricky and can take a while to figure out. Here’s a great video from @keith about the topic to get started. Live Bubbling with Keith: Let's Talk About Dates - Explaining the Basics of Dates in Bubble

Hope this helps.


Thank you!! I will definitely be checking out @keith’s video. Thank you for linking it. Bookmarked!

I’ve gone through the Bubble tutorials and have done the to-do list one a couple of times. I would like to have the lists themselves be an input field. For example, I don’t want to have a separate input field where one types their task and then has to press a “create” or “add to list” button. I’d like for them to just type “do the dishes” and hit enter and it’s saved on their list. Then I would like for them to be able to drag these to-do items onto the days they would like to do them.

But you are right, I will try to take this one step at a time and just create the two lists and make that work first and then move form there. I’m just so overwhelmed by the possibilities. My brain wants to do everything all at once and FAST.

Thank you for your response. I have seen your posts elsewhere on the forum when I have just been a lurker!

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