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Fetching realtime data from API


I am very new to bubble and am in the learning process.
I was following the below example to build a simple Stock Market App:

In the example above, the current price of all user’s shares is fetched every hour from the API and saved to the DB using a scheduler.

Now my question is -

I have an API which allows me to list all shares in a repeating group.

I have another repeating group that’s displaying details of each share held by current user from the database - name, symbol, purchase price, purchase date, etc.

In this second repeating group - I want to show the current price for each of the shares along with a graph that shows historical data, but this data will not be coming from the database. The API I’m using provides me this data and I would like to fetch this directly from the API and display in each row of the repeating group. Is this possible?