Few question after app deployment (professional plan)


  1. One of my app is on professional plan. I deployed the app last week.
    I am trying to add a small text element on one of the pages but I am not able to. I can edit the app in the editor but I can’t see the result on preview. I even tried deploying again but this small element is not visible. I changed the position, moved the groups, tried other elements but in vain. The workflow debugger however says that the element is visible but it is actually not. This is happening only with one of the pages, I am able to edit and add elements on other pages as usual.


  1. What is the CPU usage capacity? I can see in my settings that I have 2 units by default and I got an email last week that I exceeded the capacity for 10 mins. Nobody is using my app right now we are still testing it so I don’t understand how it exceeded capacity. What is this metric? and what does its usage capacity depend on? How do I know how much more units I should buy?


  1. Is there any way to stop hosting the app temporarily? I would like to temporary take down the app when I am editing it in bubble. I have seen sometimes some websites mention that they are down because of maintenance. Is it possible to do that on bubble?

Thank you!

For number 3, I guess the correct way to achieve this is to set a temporary redirection in your DNS settings to another page or another website with the maintenance message. However, I would also guess that this kind of practice (shutting down the website for a while) would hurt both users and SEO, but this has to be confirmed by more experienced people.

Here is an explanation, which should explain…


Thanks a lot for your answers! It really helps :slight_smile: