Few suggested tweaks for faster development using the editor

A few ideas which can help building on bubble editor faster:

  1. Add a ‘paste copied condition’ option in the right click menu to paste one condition, similar to the paste conditional formatting option.

  2. Pasting a copied condition to an element which already has some other conditional formatting always adds it the to the very bottom (i.e. highest priority). It would be better to add it before / beneath the condition we pasted it on. The suggestion in Pt.1 can add it to the bottom by default.

  3. Selecting a style in an element it removes the ability to change a property such as text alignment. If we wanted just one / few properties to be different, the alternatives currently are to either create a new style or not use style at all.

For elements that use styles, could you please allow overriding specific style properties on the elements’ appearance tab. Note that right now there is workaround. We use a style but add a conditional formatting (e.g. current date/time is empty) that’s always true (as shown in below image). However, a direct option could be much more efficient.

4.The ability to set dynamic colors is great. But it takes us only halfway there since it cannot be used in the styles tab. I assume its’ difficult to set up the dynamic expression in a style.

What if there were an option to allow the color picker in styles to choose from the palette colors or enter a static hex code. If someone wanted to change color across the app, they could change a palette color and all the styles where color was set by selecting the palette color would be updated.


This is built in inside the styles pallet…Each style can have conditions (Applies to all)

hi @gaurav — thanks for these notes and, unfortunately, many of them continue to be true years later.

for #3 in particular — do you ever see performance issues with this approach where the text will load with the page left-aligned, and then take half a second to shift to center-aligned? this also isn’t ideal because what you see in the UI Builder tab isn’t what the user will see. It will only be accurate on the Responsive tab (if I’m not mistaken).

Any other approaches that you’ve come up with in the last few years?