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Field_C = filed_A + Field_B

Hey all,
I feel kindda dumb-dumb with this question.

I have 3 fields on my page - Field_A, Field_B, Field_C. All fields are defaulting to 0.
I simply want Field_C to show the sum of Field_A + Field_B.

Can’t figure it out… :frowning:


Oooh! So frustrating. Simple math? There must be a way… :frowning: :tired_face:

Please post what you’ve tried and what’s the output

Thanks Mahesh.
Here’s a picture of what I want to do.
When a user enters a number in any of the four scores, I want the total score to add score 1 = score 2 + score 3 + score 4.
I have tried too many things to the point that I am not sure what I have tried. LOL!
I just looked at it this morning and figured it out.



I guess that the night sleep helped figuring it out. :slight_smile:

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Haha glad you figured it out yourself.

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