Field Name extraction

Hello everyone! In my application, I need to show to a user the history of all changes to the data made by that user. In particular, I need to store not only the previous data and new data of that field, but also the field name which was changed. I have searched the forum but found only one solution:

which is not really sufficient for me.
Is there any way to extract a field name from the database and save it as data?

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Hey dl1,

There’s probably a few ways you could do this, the most simplest I’m thinking of right now would be to perhaps have some sort of “ChangeLog” table where you could have a PreviousData column which would be written to before the update of the new data in whatever table you’d be writing to (if that makes sense). When it comes to recording the field name that was changed, surely you’d know what field it was that was being written to before hand so you enter that name into a FieldName column of the ChangeLog table rather than trying to get it programmatically?

I’m sure you can do this without the need for an API call but then it depends on what the bigger picture is here. Maybe you could put together a simple test app for us to see and play with?
I’m sure you’d get a few others jump in then with some valuable advice!

Hi pork1977gm,
Thanks for your advise. I thought about that kind of solution but hoped there is a different way to track changes without saving field names manually

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