Field not autobinding NEED Expertise

I have a field on the user table to hold zip code. I also have a group and an input field which is where the zip code is updated. I have autobinding set, but no matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to change the data in the database…


Note: I have also selected that field for autobinding for any user logged in in the privacy section of data… just fyi…

Hi @bkhoward2001 :slight_smile: Are you allowing the Current User to change their zip code using autobinding? If so, I think the data source should be “Current User” for the User Setup Group.

@fayewatson I did as you said. The current user zip now showed up in the input box; however when i changed it and tool focus off the box, it wrote a null to the database… ie. is showed 76016 but after save it showed nothing in database. ?

Ohh! Hmm, can you share a link to your app editor? :slight_smile:

@fayewatson ok… I eliminated down where the problem is… if you enter a zip code that starts with 0, it errors and records a null in the database… if you do a zip like 89126, it works fine… they are just entering zip alone, so I have to fix this to work, because zip codes which begin with 0 are legit… thoughts?

@fayewatson I have found out more… the best way to test is to try to enter the zip data directly into the database… I have noticed things like entering a zip with a leading zero fails, also when you add a zip like 76016, it translates and store it as ‘Arlington, TX 76016, USA’… But if you enter ‘76005’ which is a legitimate Arlington, TX zip code it fails… also if you enter it as ‘Arlington, TX 76005’ it also fails… so the problem seems to be with the geolocation datatype and the way it translates the input…?

To test, simply add a field in the user table for zip and set as geographic address… then attempt to add things by directly editing the record like:

Arlington, TX 76016
Arlington, TX 76005

And you will quickly see problems…

Right, I just tested as well and wasn’t able to autobind zip codes that start with 0. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s not possible with autobinding to an input element. Could you use a searchbox element (set to geographic places) instead of an input element?

In regards to editing the address directly in the database, I have mixed results as well (sometimes it picks up the address, but sometimes it doesn’t). If you create an admin page with searchbox elements to edit those address fields instead (for dev and live), that should work! :slight_smile:

@fayewatson same problem on zips with the searchbox…

Ohh, my apologies :frowning: I’m not sure of a different workaround. It may be worth raising a bug report:

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