Field validation & feedback using custom built inputs

Hi all! Part of my app is a long, multi-page form that is made up of text inputs, dropdowns, multi-dropdowns as well as RGs + custom states.

Before submitting the form, I need to perform validation on the form and provide the user with feedback.

I’m not sure how to approach this (in an efficient manner) with the RG + custom state inputs.

I want to prevent the form from being submitted plus show the user in some way (probably a list but also could be inline) what fields have not been filled (ie. the required fields).

Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas on an effective manner to implement this?

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I have been searching for an easy & effective way to do input & form validation with individual error messages. I haven’t found one yet. It is hard to image because input/form validation is a pretty standard functionality for many frameworks. I hope some instructors will create YouTube videos about this. :laughing: