Fields not stacking

Good day. Please could someone help me with fields not stacking correctly when in responsive.

Irregular spacing and the order of the fields is not correct.

Many thanks :blush:

I think what your issue is that the fields are not vertically aligning properly.

For the first name and the last name fields put them into a group…make sure the group has a space equal to the space you want them to have when vertically stacked…I usually make it 20px…so if you first name field is 30px in height the group would be 50px and the field Y value would be 20px…this way when the last name field is underneath and vertically aligned to the first name field it will be 20px below.

Do the same with the email and account type fields.

That should get it to work.

If not, you might need to group the two groups that contain the fields.

If you want, you can PM with a link to your editor set to everyone can edit and I can make the changes for you.

@boston85719 . Thank you. I played around with groups to solve the problem. I was hoping that I wouldnt need to put so many groups in groups.

Glad you got it fixed.

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