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Figma Import Problems

Dear Community!

I’ve faced problems importing projects from Figma. Previously I’ve successfully used Figma importing, but now it works awful. I could only successfully import text, and that’s it.

This is what I import from Figma

That is what I get in Bubble after import. I have no idea what is the reason.
Снимок экрана 2021-08-12 в 16.52.17

Any help, please?


Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your application, and then the success team will be able to assist you.


@zifiry don’t even bother, the figma import feature is a joke. It doesn’t create any groups, just shapes.

The only semi-useful thing about it is being to mass import a design system from figma (colors and fonts etc). But literally nothing actual-screens-in-your-app ui.

thank you for the reply. But I’ve used Figma import pretty frequent and it worked well. All necessary groups, images, shapes were created before but now it is broken :grimacing:

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