Figure out why my app is draining battery consistently even when idle

I’ve been given advice that chrome dev tools is a great source for this. Unfortunately for me, I can’t read it.

My main concern is that the bubble app itself might just have too much stuff on it, but even so, the app is consistently draining no matter what. If it’s idle or if I’m stress testing it, it’s a consistent 1% every 2 minutes.

My app is wrapped with BDK, but any battery drain is the result of a 3rd party plugin // shitty construction of my app in the editor.

This is a social media app, so I have elements of twitter, instagram, tiktok, etc.

The app drains 1% every 2 minutes right now. When I remove all elements except for the tiktok portion, the app drains 1% every 5 minutes.

For comparison, Instagram drains 1% every 5 minutes when you’re actively using it, and about 1% every 15 minutes when it detects you’re idling.

I am not Mr. Moneybags. I’m a college student so please don’t hit me in the gut. This shouldn’t cost over $100 // take you over an hour to figure out!

Let me know of any comments, questions, or concerns,

What report did playstore show you about battery usage.

And if you have havey workload on frontend, move them into backend.

If you can give me editor view, i will try to debug it.

DM’ing so I can add you