Figuring out how to use lists in fields for simple plugin

I’m not sure what issue I’m running into here, I’m attempting to put together a simple plugin to accomplish a task I need done that takes lists (each list is always 100 records) and get’s the max / min range of all the applicable lists. I’ve been setting the plugin up initially to only work with three lists for testing but can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve tested adjusting this plugin around to work with single items in a list (such as get the first number in the list and give it back to me to see if it’s getting the right list in the first place) and that works, but as soon as I try to use lists in any fashion, the plugin no longer works.

I’ve confirmed all lists are being dynamically referenced correctly and all lists are the same # of records. Here is how the plugin is setup so far

and here is the function update: currently

Any insight into why this may not be working properly is greatly appreciated. Thank you!