File Metadata - Get File size

Hello -

I am trying to get a file size from the database using File Metadata - Get File Size. It works in preview mode but I get an error in live mode. See below my steps an error messages. Is my setup wrong? Open to any suggestions!

**Context:**The general workflow is a user deleting a file. As a result, the page Total KB (data type) is updated. My workflow is:

When delete button is clicked:
Step 1: Get File Size

  • Workflow: File Metadata - Get File Size > (path)File URL = https:current cell’s file (see image)
    Step 2: Update Project Total KB
  • Workflow: Make changes to folder > Total KB = Current Page project Total KB - File Metadata
    Step 3: Delete file

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 10.04.26 PM

The issue I am having is that it works in preview mode but I get an error message on the live version. See below.

Are you using a plugin ?
If yes which one it is ?
I am also looking for a way to get the size of the files in my DB

This looks like it could be a permissions issue because of your app’s Privacy rules. Do you have any rules that prevent others from seeing this type of file?