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File too large to user in DB

Hi Bubblers,

I’m unable to have my .exe file (200mb) uploaded into my Bubble Database because it says it’s too large.

The plan is to then connect this file to a ‘Download’ Button workflow so users can download the .exe when they click the button.

Is there a work around for this? Thank you.

If it’s just a static file (not dynamic files uploaded by your users), you could just upload it manually on another platform, get a link for it on that other platform and use that link for your download button in Bubble. There are many alternatives obviously, but I’d recommend GitHub. It’s free, reliable, and the maximum file size is 2GB.

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Thanks @progressier , will give it a try

I’ve got the installer for my desktop app in s3 which works fine when clicking the link. However, when putting the link in ‘File Downloader’ plugin and adding it to a button workflow, nothing happens. No download or anything.

Any suggestions? Maybe bubble is blocking it since it’s so large? But that wouldn’t really make sense.


I agree this would be odd of Bubble to add a size restriction for a file that’s not even hosted by them. If you have a test page I can look at, I’ll be happy to check what’s going on for you.

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