File Uploader & database

I am using a file uploader in development for a law office CRM and management system.

My uploader currently is uploading just fine and showing in the repeating group BUT it is universal, meaning every file shows on every client page.

How do I make it so the uploaded files are only viewable on the current page?

I would greatly appreciate help here


Hello @kevin21 welcome to the community!

Add a data type called “client” with its corresponding fields such as “name”. Add the necessary entries (a few clients to start … like client1 as an example)

Add a data type called “upload” with a field called “file” of type “file” and a field called “client” of type “client”

When you upload a file create an “upload” and add of the existing client entries to “client” and the uploader’s value to the “file” field.

Add a “client” field of type “client” to the user data type.

This way all your uploads will have a designated client and the “current user” of a client page will see their own files because you will be using “file’s client is current user’s client” in the different parts of the client page to ensure that only a current user can see their own uploads.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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Man, I really appreciate this Easy fix. I would love to connect on a couple of other items if you are open to it. Shoot me an email

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I am glad to hear that ir was helpful.

Anytime on connecting as well! :+1:t2:

Would you be willing to hop on a Zoom call with me and help me navigate through a few issues. I am coming up on my deadline and I really don’t want to miss anything.

I will gladly compensate you for your time.

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