File Uploader not working

Hi, can anybody help me with this?
I’m building a list of uploaded files to save on the database after the user finishes, but for some reason, it’s not working.
Here’s my set up:


When you click the file uploader button, it seems to upload the file (as its name appears on it), but then, the app returns a system error:

It is probably a very stupid thing I’m doing wrong, but can’t figure out why it’s happening!
What am I missing?

Thank you,

I would create a custom state that saves the list of files instead of using RepeatingGroup file’s List of files.

Hi @johnny, tks for the suggestion, I’ll try it but the reason I’m showing the filenames in the RP is that the user can delete some of the files before the list is saved into the database.

The thing is: I’ve simply don’t get it. I did almost the same thing with Image Uploader and it’s working just fine. Look:

@johnny, just to let you know, your suggestion worked!
Thank you!

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