File uploader unreliable

Is the bubble supplied file uploader very unreliable for other users?

It is often a 50/50 shot of the uploader actually completing the upload so that the blue progress bar is removed from screen and the rest of the upload workflow actions trigger and execute. Half the time it takes less than 2 seconds for the file to upload, the other half of the time it never uploads or just takes a minute or longer.

Any way to make it 100% consistent?

What are some reasons it would be so unreliable in terms of timing?

BTW, I am testing with the same file, so no difference in file size or type etc.

You might find that if you are on a free or low tier plan that you are maxing out on capacity in short bursts of testing. Next time you have an issue, check your logs to see if that’s it. Otherwise, I’d suggest submitting a bug report or request the team to look at your app for you.

I have a feeling it is the capacity issue, as the search while page is loading is signaling the errors, all of which are about the amount of data downloading and the capacity…thanks for the suggestion, I am not that familiar with the logs, so rarely do I think to look into them.