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Files not displaying in Google Play App

Hello! my app Event Drip ( has been approved on Google Play (don’t get me started on Apple though, that’s another story lol).

When I load my bubble version in my web browser and on my mobile through Chrome to view and download a file, it works. The first button runs javascript which opens the URL in another tab. The second button downloads the file

HOWEVER, when I test it in my actual app that I downloaded from Google Play, NOTHING HAPPENS. I even tried rerouting the external link by typing it in as such: Navigate>open external URL> groups file’s URL" instead entering “home page URL/viewfile/parent groups file URL” but that does not seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?

I found the solution, after a day of experimenting.
For some reason, buttons do not open the file… but adding a text link does. I added a text link and had the link go to https: Parent files URL. I disguised the text link as a button by adding a background colour, border, adding roundness and changing the text line height to 2, to match my app buttons.
This is for anyone who runs into the same problem down the line. Add a text link and disguise it as a button instead.