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Fill out the No Code Census 2020!

Hi Bubblers!

We recently launched a project called the No Code Census 2020 - a survey of who makes up the no-code community and the types of no-code tools they use (not just Bubble)! The goal is to get a better understanding of our larger no-code community and see what interesting things you can learn. (We got our inspiration from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey.)

If you haven’t filled out the survey yet - please do, it takes less than 5 minutes! And share the survey with folks in your startup communities, tech hubs, and anyone else you know using other tools in the no-code space.


Would be nice to see the results of the survey and have a look at the landscape :slight_smile:

@vivienne btw. a question had bubble twice in the answers. Forgot which one. I think it was the database one that had Integromat in the answers too. Or maybe back n forth.

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Thanks! We are definitely intending to publish the results in the new year :slight_smile: - and the question is fixed - thanks for pointing it out!