Filter a repeating group by tags

I need help filtering a repeating group by tags.

I created an app that allows people to tag songs. I’ve already built the submit a song function which allows the person to add tags based on the Multi-select Dropdown and that information is entered into the Tag field of a Song type. I can get the repeating group to display the tags in the appropriate cell. Now I’m trying to filter the repeating group to show only songs that have chosen tags.

I’ve read many posts and I still can’t figure it out. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Have you saved the tags as a separate data type, that is added to each song as a List of Tags?

In that case, you can set up the search in the repeating groups to be constrained by a list of Tags:

I just figured it out. Turns out I had entered my source incorrectly. Though, looking at the data structure, I might decide to create a data type called Tags to make things a little cleaner.

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