Filter an RG group by matching words

I have a small data base of user-submitted products. Users add the product title.

I’d like to show “related” products in a product page. The idea is to search for products that have words that match this product page’s title and show them in a RG perhaps.

Have tried a few things in the “Do a search for” field but can’t get it to work.

Thanks guys!

Hey @alejandrowunderlich, have you figured out a solution ?

You need to do some research into products SKU and keys.

An SKU is a set of letters or numbers that represent the product

For example: RTMenSmall

That could represent Red T-shirt Men Small

A product Key would be T (which would represent Tshirt)

This way when you want to show similar items you are searching your product list by SKU or Keys

When you understand this and implement it into your database it makes it a lot easier to create a product SKU because you should be allowing users to add products by use of dropdown choices ( ie: using option sets or datatypes ) so that when a user is adding clothing they are selecting options using dropdowns and each option set has a key…so by the end of the product getting loaded you have created the product SKU using the keys for each option

The reason to do this would be you could create similar items to show all red men shirts but not just t shirts, or you could show all mens t-shirts of any color.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

To clarify, this is a user-generated market place where people can add any used thing they find around the house. Users add the title of the item themselves. So having a dropdown with all the possible products would be tough. That’s why I wanted to find a way to match words in the titles themselves. Example:

Product offered: Pocket metal flashlight, used
Should loosely match with: Large camping flashlight

I wouldn’t mind if it also matches with other products that have the word “Pocket” in them. Or “Used” in this case becase I’d show a list of possible matches and let the user decide.

Anyway to accomplish this?

There is but I’d urge you to consider your user experience.

For me personally, if I were searching for a pocket knife and I kept getting results for a pocket world 3d I would become frustrated and leave the site.

Also, think about your users ability to search in general.

I’d also recommend looking at other sites that sell used items and see the way they have a seller load an item onto their platform and have it listed…it might seem a bit strange how they could categorize and make things easier not just for the user but also google bots to search their site and know how to navigate and find what they are looking for. But once you see how other platforms do it, you will understand how to create a flow to start from a basic category and dive deeper to sub categories.

For you focus though check out this app

use the search input to search app and you will see all database entries with those three letters

it uses the auto complete fuzzy search plugin