Filter and recalculate results

Hi Bubblers,

Hope you can help me with this! Been struggling for a while and I’m sure I’m close but could really use your help!

My app has Questions, Answers, and User types. They are all interlinked as a Question will have a category, possible pre-entered Text answers to choose from, the Answer that the User actually selects, the User who answered the Question. Some questions have numeric answers.

What I’d like to do is let people filter their answers; so they could choose to Filter by the User’s Sex/Gender or Age or State, so only show answer for Females. I’d then need the system to recalculate the average based on those conditions and then for a Text to show them this re-calculated number.

So the average CPU speed for all Users would be 3GHz, but the average for Users aged 30-35 may be 4.5GHz.

I have a Repeating group (Type = Question), as well as a Dropdown to select the category of questions - the Repeating Group’s source is:

Search for Users :Filtered’s: (Gender = User’s Gender) QuestionsUsersHaveAnswered :Filter (Question Category = Dropdown’s Category)

The Text I have to show the recalculated (numeric) answer is: Search for Answers (Question = Current Cell’s Question) NumericAnswers:average

When I set a filter, Questions that have not been answered disappear (good) but for the ones that stay, the text does not update: if I have a total of 200 Users with an average of 3GHz, but then filter for Users aged 30-35, the text should update to 4.5GHz as the Questions should have been filtered.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!