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:filter applies to "the list so far"?

So…I want to display a list of things, which is three sets of things…

  1. Things I created (easy, just a constraint on Creator being Current User)
  2. Things that are public (again, just a constraint “is_public” is Yes/no)
  3. Things that are private but the creator has marked me as a friend (user has a friend_list with current_user in it)

I previously asked about doing Search 3, and had done it with a :filter / advanced quite nicely as can’t be a constraint or simple filter.

Have then used a merge for all 3. So Search1 merged with Search2 merged with Search3:filtered

And have been struggling with getting it to work for some time. It only returns Search3 results.

In desperation, I rewrote from scratch and switched the searches round.

Search3:filtered merged with Search1 merged with Search2 (and finally a :sortedby as seems more sensible to do it a the end)

And this works !

So…Am I right in thinking that :filtered doesn’t apply the individual search ? But is applied to the result set thus far ?

Is this as intended :smile: ?

Yes, our composer doesn’t handle parentheses yet, which is why if you do

search1:filtered merged with search2:filtered it actually is (search1:filtered merged with search2):filtered

We’ll fix this at some point, but in the meantime, you can store the searches in some custom states, and use them in the final expression.

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Thanks. Yes, it makes sense now that I know what it is doing :smile:

Will have to look into the custom states. It seems that this is a neat way to save temporary data in the “browser”.

I have a toggle on my map for these fairly complex searches, and it seems like these could be a great way to “remember” what the result was, so that I don’t have to re-query.

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Just wondering if this is on the roadmap anywhere.

We don’t have a timeline on that one.