Filter based on dates - available "today", "1 week", etc

Hi all - I want to let users filter on availability based on the availability set on the product.
Filter options would be “today”, “1 week”, “2-3 weeks” and so on.
When the product has a date prior to the current day - it would evaluate as “Today”.
When the product is available between 1-7 days - it would evaluate as “1 week” and so on.
Thanks in advance!

There’s a couple ways to do it, is this just a single dropdown they would pick or do they pick multiple?

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@tylerboodman ideally multiple select - but single pick would be fine so I’d likely implement that if it’s much simpler

Sorry I started to try it on my app and it wasn’t working, it can be done with :filtered but I was trying to see how to do with constraints since it’s best practice for speed

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