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Filter But unable to assess page level data

Hi I have create 2 sets of data

1 set is customer info, where there is a field that contains a list of shipment, since a customer can have many shipments.

And another data set called parcel, where there is a ID column that is a selection of created customer info.

The problem arises where I try to create a filter for my RP. When I click on a button to filter shipments under 1 particular customer id, it can’t seem to work. My current workflow is that I set the state of my app to the customer info’s ID. So I can reference and filter in the shipment/ delivery RP.

However I am unable to do a filter and reference data to my app state, thus I am unable to filter.

Missing page level state to reference my filter (app is my page). Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.


Also I tried to do a work around by using :filter, but it does not seem to work as it indicate it is 2 different data type:

Is there any way to convert the output of a list to a single text?


I do not have the answer but I struggled with filtering as well to a relatively small database of books. When user filters the content some books either show up late or do not show up at all.

I managed to solve it. Seems like data type need to match, so I have changed the entry from a list to a text to match the search input which is a match.

Another work around would be to replace the search input with a dropdown (which is a list) for it to work.