Filter by First AND Second items?

Hi all,

I’m not a coder so I’m lacking in the fundamentals here… One of the constraints needed to filter a RG is to grab the first AND second item’s from a list of data. I just don’t know how to craft the verbiage needed to make this happen. Would appreciate any help.

Try using ‘items until’

For example, this would look like:
Search for Progressions:items until #2
That would include item#1 and #2

If the item indexes aren’t consecutive (say you need items #1 and #3), you can explicitly retrieve them, convert each of them to their own list and then merge them to form a consolidated list.

For example:
Search for Progressions:item#1:converterToList merge with Search for Progressions:item#3:converterToList

Hope that helped

No joy. It will only accept language that supports a single item. I’ve been able to design around it, but I feel like I’ve only added more hamster wheels etc.