Filter By location lat and lon

Hey Guys,
Very new to Bubble after moving away from alpha anywhere.
What i need to do is be able to filter a list of Client checkpoints based on Lat and Lon and the distance from the current user.
for example.
Current user location is (Current lat and lon) This i have been able to pull into text fields.
Then I have a list of client checkpoints that also includes there lat and lon
When the users current location is within 100m of a client check point i need that checkpoint to show in the list. (Only Check points that are within that 100m radius).

I know its possible.
Now i also cant just use an address. Needs to be an accurate lat and lon value.

any help would be muchly appreciated.

Hi @roland3
I had this type of same situation in one of my project.
Instead of creating latitude & longitude as text fields.
I created a new field “Address” with data type “Geographic address”
Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 14.49.17

Then i filter list of my clients, like this

(Where single slider distance value can be replace by any dynamic expression which results in number)

Thank you.
that would work. But i believe bubble / Google maps address feature isnt quite accurate enough for what i need to do. I need to be able to pin point a location to smaller areas than just an address.
for example we may need to have a checkpoint on a farm gate that is 20 km from what google would call the address. Hence the need for lon and lat values.
i also need this to be quite automated.
Users Gps is pulled, list is update with checkpoints in the area to select from

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