Filter by Province

Hi, I want to filter my RG via the Client’s geographic address by extracting the unique State but it is not working as expected.

Database design

  • Name
  • Geographic Address connected to Google Cloud


  • Client

I have a dropdown which searches all the unique addresses and provides only the State as options (This works well):

To filter the RG, the search for Tickets is constrained by Client Address State:

The result gives me seemingly random results but not the single Ticket with the Client Address as selected in the dropdown.

This will give you a list of tickets whose clients’ state contains the state in the dropdown

It should. But is doesn’t.

You need to check which value the advanced filter return.
You may try to replace contains with = in the advanced search if it possible.
If the ignore empty constraints is checked and the advanced search return empty value then it will ignore it and return the tickets that