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Filter data type within a data type

I have a data type ‘Dish’ and one of the field inside is another data type ‘Restaurant’. Inside the ‘Restaurant’ data type, I have a field ‘Location’ which is a geographic address.

I’m trying to filter the dishes in my RG by location, but I can’t seem to create a filter targeting the location of the restaurant in the Dish database. Any idea how I can achieve this?

Hi there, @Gabzer… if I understand your post correctly, you would need to use an advanced filter to accomplish what you have described.

So, you would add the :filtered option after the Search for Dishes, and then you would select the Advanced option when you add the constraint on the filter (note that the Advanced option is all the way at the bottom of the dropdown).

As you may or may not know, advanced filters take place on the client side. Therefore, if you don’t put any constraints on the search for dishes, the server will return every dish in the data type to the browser, and then the filter will be applied. As you can imagine, that operation could be quite slow. So, just something to think about as you go.

Hope this helps.


Hey Mike, thank you so much for your help - the advance filter is a good solution, unfortunately for the database that I’m dealing with not efficient enough. Not super clean but i think I’m just going to create a Data field ‘location’ for each dish with the restaurant’s address in there!

Thank you again!

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