Filter date it doesn't work

I use filter to show daily data,
it works in test version but in live version it doesn’t work


Hi there, @lioktabriansyah… I’m not sure what you are showing there because the two expressions are different. That being said, try adding the :rounded down to operator to the end of the expression, and select date as the component to round down to.


This is between the live version and the test version so if it works in the test version it should work the same as in the live version,
this happened new bug today i see
yesterday everything worked fine

Well, if it worked yesterday and it’s not working today and you haven’t made any changes in development that haven’t been deployed to live yet, you should probably file a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at it.

It’s because it works fine in the test version
except in test version it doesn’t work I think there is an error in filter I made here

the problem here is only why in the live version the results are different :slightly_smiling_face:

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