Filter Dates in Repeating Group


I am working on creating a simple tool to calculate pro-rata time off based on predefined criteria in a Time Off Policy record. I am using a Recurring date scheduler plug in Recurring Date Scheduler Plugin | Bubble that is doing a great job in creating all the relevant dates, however when the time off needs to be calculated pro-rate, alternative to standard accrual date i seem to struggle to get the right dates.

Expected behaviour:

Policy has a start date of 1st of June 23 and is recurring weekly, the scheduler does an amazing job and creates X number of Dates (1st of June + 7 times X in the form of List that I can display in my repeating group. However for a pro-rata event based off say 21st of June while the policy start date remains the same, the following behaviour is what I am aiming for:

Date1: 21st of June, Date2: 27th of June, Date3: 4th of July, etc…

Considering the initial list contains all the dates generated by the scheduler it should work by simply removing any prior to the pro-rata reference point and amending the most recent one to the pro-rata date.

I attempted doing this using conditional on the display text in the repeating group, however this does not generate the expected behaviour as ultimately I need to filter out any dates that are not needed.

Here’s the preview of the output so far, the first 5 cells should be filtered out…

Any help would be awesome! For any questions please lmk

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