Filter for different data types in a Repeating Group


I have below three tables in Bubble and the data from TBL_Student is being displayed in a Repeating Group which I have added using Canvas Template.

Now, I want to add a multi select filter for all the columns of this table. I am able to configure it for Name and Age columns but I’m not able to configure the multi-select filters for Department and Skills columns because their data types are TBL and List of TBL.
Please help on how to achieve this?

Add the Department and the Skills to the data type for Student…OR…use an advanced filter. Can to Advanced filter by adding to the end of the dynamic expression for search students the :filtered operator and the constraint for Advanced. Do note that Advanced filters are slow because they happen client side and often you will be using a search as part of the constraint for the Advanced filter.

If it were my app, I’d be adding the fields to the Student data type.