Filter lists with api to slow

hello i have a application that is calling 3 different apis in order to filter a lists results down to a specified id number:

this workflow is in the “page is loaded”

and when the list of numbers(inside of shapeinputgroup’s state") is updated its sent to 2 repeating groups to load the data with another api that gets the image urls of the product.

the apis where fast before i added the filter is there a better way to do this?
i tried filtering in the repeating group and its the same speed i think its just the api connector plugin because my two repeating groups load at the same exact time instead of one by one

I have the same issue with other API data calls, it takes somewhere between 2-4 seconds to load the data.

mine is 8-10… wish it was 2-4, the input is so small aswell only 8 images are being used

ok i found a solution, instead of filtering the apis as soon as they are called i input the values into a list of states then filter the states after it sped it up alot

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Can you explain what you did in detail, would be helpful for others also.

all i did was remove the filtered (seen above) and add the data into a state list, then i performed the filtered action on the statelist (same as above) , and then used the state list to populate the repeating group, basically did the filtering after the api call not during,

granted though it loads the entire list for like a second and then readjusts correctly to reflect the filter which honestly isnt a big deal to me

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