Filter not working - Seems like a bug?

I’m doing a standard filter on a repeating group where I filter out anything with ‘Archived’ = Yes. Something I’ve done many times before… but it has suddenly stopped working recently?

This is the list in my dashboard:

When a user clicks the bin button, the ‘Archive’ Data field is switched to yes, it should no longer appear anymore due to the rules I have set up.

  1. At first, I had a 'List of events:Filtered (Archives <>"YES) set up. this worked fine for a while but then stopped working.

  2. I now have a workflow which on page load, generates ALL events attached to the user, THEN in a triggered 2nd custom event filters by Archive<>“Yes”. This doesn’t work either.

I shouild note: If the user archives an event in the live page, the event disappears from their list, but it appears again when the page is reloaded??

What’s the Data Source of the RG? (is it a Custom State list?)

Its actual data rows from our database. The archive is a data field

I should note we also have an issue where this group won’t load, despite the data definitely meeting it’s criteria. I wonder if this is a bug with bubble’s new release?

Show your data source expression…

The debugger will allow you to inspect the element and find out why it’s not being displayed.

Thanks, but it doesn’t appear, so I wouldn’t know how to inspect an element that doesn’t appear

You can search for the element name in the debugger next to the inspect button.

Strange, it doesn’t show up.

I created ‘a trusted’ to push the element to the top

But it doesn’t show?

I got it!

Managed to click around using the debugger and saw ‘10 fields hidden due to privacy settings’

Thank you!