Filter on a repeating group with multiple data types


I’m building a CV-database where I display all the users from my database in a repeating group.
The users had to fill out some information in the registration process about their education, work experience, prefered contract type and so on… and I put this information in different data types.
I’m trying to filter on some of that information the users had to fill out.

So the filters I want to aply are not directly data fields of the data type ‘user’. In my RG I’m displaying this information through ‘’ do a search for ‘the other data type’ and than created by = parent group’s user. This all works well but now I’m trying to filter on that data.
Is this even possible?
Can someone please help me out. :upside_down_face:

maybe create a data type called ‘applicant’ and put all the necessary fields on that instead of having different data types for all the different pieces of information.