Filter on records for this week

I am trying to set page variable which will be used as filter in a repeating group. I have several filter buttons; one for ‘Today’, another for ‘This Week’ and ‘All’. Today is easy to do as set hours to 23 and min to 59 nut I am stuck on how to set end date for Fri mightnight.

I realise you can extract day from current date/time but how do i set this to day 5 at 23 hours and 59 min?

Hey @eric.schwantler.

Hopefully somebody will reply with a more elegant solution, but this is what I ended up with a while back:

I have a reusable element I call that sets a custom state of start date and end date based on whatever is needed (this month, last month, this week, last week, quarter/year, etc.)

Note that in my case, I am setting the value knowing that I will be using it where I only have access to greater than and less than (not greater than or equal to.) So for the end date/time of Saturday, I actually set to Sunday at 00:00:00 and for start date, I go to Saturday at 23:59:59.

This Week looks like this:


It’s involved, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around anything simpler!

thx @mebeingken i see how you solved the problem but very involved. If we have a function to set the date variable to day number it would be easy. @emmanuel ?

Then I would use
current day/time +days:7 set day:0 set hour:00 set min:00 which would make variable next Sun morning which would be satisfactory as end date to signify end of business week

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