Filter OUT Anonymous Users

I have a repeating group with a condition to search for an Owner (user) where it isn’t empty.

The problem is users that aren’t authenticated are still able to create Things, and bubble considers an un-authenticated user (anonymous user) against the Ting as NOT empty, so the entry shows up in the list, even though there is only an anonymous user there and not a registered user attached to the Thing.

I want to be able to filter OUT all of the anonymous users from the repeating group.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hi there, @JustinC… I think I remember one or more topics like this one in the past, and if I remember correctly, a constraint where the owner (user) is in a search for users (with no constraints on the user search) might do the trick. If you haven’t already tried that, it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,

You mean have the main repeating group search a 2nd list of Users and only display the results in the repeating group where Owner is in List #2 (all users)? By way of a list filter to filter out all of the anonymous users?

Or am I misunderstanding?

I was thinking you could just have a constraint on the main repeating group’s data source/search that is literally Owner is in Search for Users.

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