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Filter out bad words[looking to hire someone to add this functionality]

Hi guys,

I made an app that lets people send messages to each other. However, I don’t want people sending messages with certain key-words.

I have 2 fields right now. 1 single line text input and another that is a multiline text input.

What I require is to check both these fields against a list of words so that if any of the words are present in any of these fields then they can’t send that message.

Is there any way to do this?

So far I have tried blockspring with goggle sheets. I used the lookup call, however, this does not work with both feilds.

Any help appreciated guys!

We might not have that possible out of the box, but if the bad words are static, you can add some conditions on the workflows and check each bad word one by one. A little tedious but that’d do it.

HI @emmanuel, tedious is fine with me, however, this solution does not work. As when “Send” if clicked and no condition is specified(i.e when none of the bad words are present in the fields) then the send action is always executed.

I know this might not make sense so here is the link to the editor.

I saw some APIs on Mashape some time ago that filter out unwanted language.

You might want to look through Mashape’s API marketplace and test one or two out…

Best regards,