Filter Repeating Group by searching in child data type's fields


Context :
I’m using as source a Data Type called Task to display a list of tasks into a repeating group.
Those tasks have a list of child tags stored in another data type called Tag.

I’m trying to allow the user to filter the list of tasks by searching among the tag with a search bar (text input).

Problem :
I’m using Task as data source for the repeating group and this data type contains only the tag_ids.
I would like being able to filter the task by searching in the tasks's child tags's name.

A workaround would be to store directly the tag name in the task data type but I would like to find a proper way to do it.

Could you help me ? :pray:t2:

Thank you very much !

Hi there, @Tony_Pi… if I understand your post correctly, you have an input element into which the user types the name of a tag, and then you want to filter the repeating to only tasks where the typed tag is in the task’s list of tags… is that correct?

If what I described is correct, is there a particular reason you are using an input element instead of a dropdown (or a multi-dropdown)? I mean, it seems like you could give the user the list of tags from the Tag data type, and then filtering the repeating group would be as simple as doing a search for tasks with a constraint where a task’s lists of tags contains the selected tag.

So, any of that make sense and sound like it could work for you?


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