Filter RG by SearchBox value (sorry, another one of these...)

I’ve tried reading up and watching videos but can’t work it out.

3 Elements are in play here:

Memberships (these are what are show in my RG). Memberships have:

  • person (type Person)
  • sport_profile (type Sport Profile)

Person contains name fields that I want to filter by, all text (first_name; last_name; preferred_name;)

Sport Profile contains a list of ‘positions’ that I want to filter by (positon_search_field - List of OS Positions)

I have successfully set up the filters for player positions, but am having trouble when I try throw in names.

Screen: Dashboard | QBN ClubHub
Editor: Pitch | Bubble Editor

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 2.28.06 pm
Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 2.28.39 pm
Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 2.28.57 pm

Just put on membership data type a field for name.

I was trying to avoid having the same field on multiple tables to ensure integrity, seems like it’s unavoidable in a lot of circumstances :frowning:

Might be able to find ways to not need it on multiple data types. Just think where they are needed for sorting, since can’t sort by fields from related types.

Sometimes just gotta go against our desires to get the functionality or scrap the functionality.

I ended up achieving what I wanted, had to change my original implementation slightly.

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