Filter RG list based on Yes/No

I have an RG, where I only want to show ‘Inspiration Pics’ where it has at least 1 associated ‘Product’ that has ‘Active = yes’

I set up the RG filter like so:

I am expecting this to create a list of Products where Active = Yes. If the count of those products is 0, the inspiration Pic isn’t shown.

Am I setting up the filter incorrectly?

Hi Andrew

I think you need to put both of your advanced filters together with an AND.

Can you try and let me know?

Just changed to the following but no difference in result:

Sorry i’m stuck here… :worried: Don’t know, sorry


Try this expression in your Advanced Filter:

This Inspiration’ product’s active is yes

Your RG feature will list only the inspiration entries that have a related product with active = yes

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Only option I have is the following since it is a list of products:


This inspiration pic’s products first item’s Active is yes :wink:

We’d need to add in a :Sorted (by ‘Active’) but that didn’t work either.

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